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Not only is the Human Endeavors app a resource for brothers with a secured area, but available for download and use for anyone to listen to the Human Endeavors Podcast which features stories of Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor.

Marcus P. Blakemore Foundation

As the non-profit arm to the East Central Province (Region), the Marcus Peter Blakemore Foundation is establishing itself as a leading voice of influence to bringing about social and systemic changes needed to improve the outcomes and lives of young people in under served communities.

Polemarch's Message

The Best Experience in Kappa

It is our primary goal as a leadership team to create the best experience in Kappa, right here in the East Central Province. We do that by simply focusing on what you, the members and communities want to have, not just what we are willing to give.

Marcus D. Bailey
17th East Central Province Polemarch

The Brand.
In Every Field

On the field, Off The Field, In Every Field ® is a brand that celebrates your commitment to greatness in everything you do. Not just in practice, but in the game. All profits go to toward scholarships, community re-investments, and leadership training for students.

Province Leadership

The East Central Province Board of Directors is extremely proud to serve such a progressive, forward-thinking, and dynamic group of men who belong to the chapters contained with the Ohio, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania area.

Senior Province Vice PolemarchBrian Webster

Keeper of RecordsJames Harris

Keeper of ExchequerDr. Darius Sanders

StrategusAlexander Ushry

Lieutenant StrategusTylance Brazell

Board Member (AL)Kashif Smiley

Board Member (AL)Ellery Lewis

Board Member (AL)Jeffrey Ushry

Director of Risk ManagementEric Rogers

Province PolemarchMarcus Bailey

Junior Province Vice PolemarchNathan Burns

Board Member (UG)Alvin Bowers

Board Member (UG)Chad White, Jr.

ChaplainLeroy Anthony

Assistant KORBrandon Fenty
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Mailing Address

East Central Province
7525 Paragon Rd  #751715
Dayton, OH 45459

Mailing Address

East Central Province
7525 Paragon Rd  #751715
Dayton, OH 45459

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